Hearing Aids Fund for the poor children with hearing loss of Center for Research and Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (CED) launches a Free Hearing Test Program for children who are  disadvantageous in 2019.


There will have some steps during the Hearing Test:

  • Check your ears: to ensure no ear-wax, no strange things in ears.
  • Measure tympano: to diagnose your otitis media.
  • Test your hearing: some frequencies with max 40dB will be tested and it’s harmless for your ears.


We need:

  • At least one room in a quiet area at your office/organization
  • At least 4 your staff involved in to explain your children how to answer during the hearing test.


Our program is free of charge.


If you are interested in Hearing Test Program, feel free to contact us OR know any organizations who are interested in, please kindly connect us.


Thank you and Best regards.







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