CED is invited by the National Assembly's Committee for Social Affairs to provide comments on disability issues, Social Enterprises; and by other relevant agencies to provide ideas on the education and inclusive education for children with disabilities.

CED connects with Mainstream Schools to encourage and support children with hearing loss for their inclusive study; we share with the schools skills in supporting, the standard of evaluation.

CED connects with Parents to help them improve capacity and change perception. Family is the key to make success for their children; once the parents have properly understanding and information they can help their children who are deaf and hard of hearing ship back to society. CED connects with the outside community to share the potential, strength and value of the hearing impaired. "If given the opportunity, support, people with hearing loss are also a part to build community".              

Every year, CED organizes one workshop at least about matters concerning to people with hearing loss for advocacy.  The most recent workshop was held is“The way to University for students with hearing loss”. If you know that the highest level for students with hearing loss is only secondary school in Viet Nam, the proof of passing the examination of university/college to show they have enough ability and capacity. CED succeeds support a Deaf student to university/college and the workshop mentioned is a advocacy policy: (1) Facilitate and support to help the deaf and hard of hearing go to university (2) How is procedure? (3) The students with hearing loss have to make an effort to study, get more knowledge, not lean on the favor of university; (4) Needn’t to build specialized high school for students with hear loss but help them to connect with the education of high school educated at Centre for Continuing Education.

CED also has attended and shared at many other workshops, conferences, talks about the subjects of hearing loss.

CED makes “Advocacy policy” for purposes:

  • If the policy has been not enacted yet: Advocacy will go towards drafting and enactment.
  • If the policy was enacted: Advocacy will make a good environment / implement policy at all levels.
  • If the policy have implemented several months/years: Advocacy will make it need to be edited and amended more exactly and closer with reality – or the policy doesn’t work it will be rejected.



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