Peer Counselling / Consultancy


CED provide conseling and advising  to people/children with hearing loss, parents of children with hearing loss; all of inviduals and organizations needing to learn about Hard of Hearing ( deaf/ hearing loss/late deafened).


CED study about the features of enviroment where the child living and discuss with the child’s parents to find out the good conditions to support him/her to study and develop his/her knowledge, thinking and living skills.


Besides, CED is often invited to share experiences in communication, connect with people/children with hearing loss to many students in uniniversities, companies, groups, organizations from South to North…


In 2016, CED accomplished 488 turns of advisory and consultation in a lot of fields: hearing loss (deaf/hard of hearing);  jobs/companies; organizations/schools/colleges/universities; Sign Language; introduce about auditometry; hearing aids…


CED always try to put this service on higher level and let many people approach it.


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