Sign Language Program Introduction

1. “Basic Sign Language” Program.

- Subject: the listeners, everyone love Sign Language.

- Content: All things need to be know about Sign Language and 10 lessons of Sign Language.

- Time: 8 sessions, 2 hours/session.

- Tuition: 300.000VND/person/course

- Certification fee is 50,000 VND/unit.

*We offer personal coaching programs basing on request of each individual, organization. (Tuition is case-by-case).

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2. “Skills in supporting people with hearing loss (Deaf/Hard of Hearing/Deafened) in hospital” Progam.

- Subject: medical staff (doctors, nursing assistant, technicians, social workers, secretary…)

- Content:        + Basic Sign Language skill.

                        + Medical Sign Language skill.

                        + Lip-Reading skill.

                        + Communication skill.

                        + Support skill.

- Time: 3 days for a course.

- Tuition: 1.500.000VND/person/course.

- Certificate fee: 50.000VND/unit.


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