On December 29, 2021, Center for Research and Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (CED) organized the closing workshop of the project “Promoting the initial legal support and implementation of regulations on medical examination and treatment for people with hearing loss (deaf, hard of hearing and deafened)”, sponsored by EU through JIFF-Oxfam, with the participation 83 people who were representatives from organizations, teachers, parents, people with hearing loss.

The workshop reviewed all project’s activities throughout 16 months, from August 2020 to December 2021, such as legal communication in communities, organizing medical examination for people with hearing loss, trainings on skills for supporting people with hearing loss, sign language interpretation and medical sign language… The processes of making special products such as “Handbook for supporting people with hearing loss in hospitals”, designing communication clip, developing sign language VieSign, also shared by experts, partners of CED.

Though closing the project, CED still commits to maintain the supporting network of legal consultation for people with hearing loss, recommendations for policy advocacy as well as developing the sign language learning website VieSign.

The workshop was recorded as this link:

Sharing the joy of beneficial achievements from the project, CED would like to express our deep gratitude to all individuals, organizations, teachers, parents, people with hearing loss for accompanying, supporting and helping CED throughout the time. Ending of the memorable year 2021, CED would like to wish you all a year of good health, happiness and peace!



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