People with hearing loss communicate with each other by the eyes, using eye contact. Therefore, sign language is a tool for the deaf community to communicate with each other and society. It also helps them to express their feelings, thoughts, emotions and imply all the beautiful things in life. These “flying gestures” play a crucial part in enhancing society, which is inherently colorful.

With the desire to use Sign Language as a bridge to help bridge the gap between the deaf and society, CED has organized Sign Language classes such as “Sign language interpreting” to help the deaf community in communication, “Skills to assist deaf people in hospitals”, and “Medical sign language” to help deaf people in getting medical examination and treatment.

By blending theory and practice throughout the learning process, CED helps learners find it interesting and thereby better absorb the lecture. In each session, learners will study a new topic that is related to our daily lives, from basic to advanced levels. After completing the course, students will be certified by CED. Let's learn Sign Language with CED to feel the beauty of this language!

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