Form the McGurk effect – “A picture is worth a thousand words”….

Harry McGurk (23/2/1936 – 17/4/1998) was an English cognitive psychologist. In 1976, he and his research assistant John MacDonald wrote a paper titled "Hearing Lips" published in Nature describing a psychological effect known as the "McGurk Effect": Setting three people stayed together in one room:

First person (1): observer,

Second person (2): one who created visual effects and standing opposite person (1), and

Third person (3): one who made sound effect and standing behind person (2).

When person (2) says "Vase", person (3) says "Basis", person 1 only hears the word "Vase".

Based on the McGurk Effect (McGurk Effect), the above experiment was explained as follows:

All human beings from birth to adulthood have to listen to dozens of words and lips-reading associated with those words. As a result, our brain contains a comprehensive map of speech and lips-reading. But there will come a time when the mouth movement that we see can overwhelm what we hear, what we see will override what we hear.

……to the transparent masks:

When it comes to wearing masks during the COVID-19 pandemic, the McGurk effect is a concept that can be helpful in understanding why not seeing someone's lips can make communication more difficult. Masks often cover a large part of the face making it difficult for people to recognize lips or process nonverbal signals. This is especially difficult for people with hearing loss, who often rely on lips-reading to understand what people are saying. If the lips of the person speaking are covered by the mask, people with hearing loss may have difficulty understanding what is being said.

Thus, a possible solution to help people with hearing loss remove communication barriers in social inclusion while ensuring health protection is transparent masks. The design with a transparent plastic piece in the middle, which does not obscure the lips, the transparent mask helps people with hearing loss with easier lips-reading.

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